More Success Stories

Sophie B.jpeg

Little Sophie developed a life-threatening uterine disease called pyometra. Without immediate surgery, she would not have survived. AFCF was happy to help save Sophie's life.

Tina had a cherry on her eye, preventing her from fully closing it. With your donations, she was able get the surgery needed to remove the cherry. Tina is seeing things in a new light now!

Tina B.jpg

Irie had a large, cancerous tumor and her family needed support to get her the proper surgery and care. AFCF helped Irie's family so she can be tumor free.

Athena needed emergency surgery during the birth of her puppies. One puppy was stuck in the birth canal and Athena could not push her out. Unfortunately, the puppy did not make it, however, Athena is healthy and safe.

Princess Tater.jpg

Princess Tater had a tumor in her chest that had started leaking and needed immediate removal. Your donations helped get the tumor removed and, hopefully, give her more years ahead.