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More Success Stories

Sophie B.jpeg

Little Sophie developed a life-threatening uterine disease called pyometra. Without immediate surgery, she would not have survived. AFCF was happy to help save Sophie's life.

Tina had a cherry on her eye, preventing her from fully closing it. With your donations, she was able get the surgery needed to remove the cherry. Tina is seeing things in a new light now!

Tina B.jpg

Irie had a large, cancerous tumor and her family needed support to get her the proper surgery and care. AFCF helped Irie's family so she can be tumor free.

UPDATE: Irie's family let AFCF know that she is doing great! She is back to her old playful self and her family is grateful for that.

Athena needed emergency surgery during the birth of her puppies. One puppy was stuck in the birth canal and Athena could not push her out. Unfortunately, the puppy did not make it, however, Athena is healthy and safe.

Princess Tater.jpg

Princess Tater had a tumor in her chest that had started leaking and needed immediate removal. Your donations helped get the tumor removed and, hopefully, give her more years ahead.

Maddie had a growth on her chest that kept growing. For such a tiny pup, it became softball size and a portion of it turned black. AFCF provided support to get Maddie's growth excised.


Bentley's tumors were determined to be malignant and he needed surgery to remove them. Your support provided Bentley and his family with help to do just that.

At only 1 year old, Koa was his moma's baby. He had a CCL tear in his leg that required surgery. Your help provided support for this procedure to get Koa running around again, a happy, healthy pup!


Sox had a urinary blockage that threatened his life. The vet was able to catheterize him and get things flowing once again. AFCF was happy to give his family some financial relief.

Piper was diagnosed with bladder stones and his family was concerned over his health and pain he was experiencing. We were able to contribute to the surgery to remove Piper's stones.

Sarah Elizabeth1.jpg

Sarah Elizabeth was attacked by a local animal. Her tail was severely injured and could not be saved. To help ease her pain, AFCF provided a grant to help with her tail amputation.

Sandy had many open wounds on her body due to excessive licking. The vets diagnosed her with severe allergic reactions and we provided support to get little Sandy some relief.


Trinity had a major ear infection that was aggravated by serious allergies. AFCF and you provided enough help to get Trinity in the vet to get help. Now she is hearing a different tune!

Axel's urinary blockage was causing him significant pain and his life was at risk. A simple procedure would not be enough. With your help, Axel got the surgery he needed to remove the blockage and live a healthy, happy kitty life.


Bella developed a very large, swollen mass on her breast. It had become extremely red and needed immediate attention. With your help, Bella got the treatment she needed. 

While at the vet for an eye injury, Milo was diagnosed with cancer on his tail. Following the mast cell tumor removal, Milo needed a course of chemotherapy. Milo's family came to AFCF for grant help. We were happy to help Milo continue his life-saving chemo.


Dolly's family called us after she broke her leg. AFCF contributed to Dolly's treatment to put her back on all four paws!

Zombie's family were in crisis. She had developed mammary gland tumors that had begun to leak blood. AFCF provided a grant to help Zombie get the medical care she needed.


Raven was diagnosed with Lyme's disease and anaplasma. She needed treatment and her family reached out to AFCF for grant support. We were happy to help Raven feel better!

Marshmallow's severe dental disease left her unable to properly eat. After extensive dental work, Marshmallow is able to enjoy her meals once again.


Button was a feral kitten who got tangled in a fishing net that was kept outside. After spending the day trapped, her leg had significant nerve damage from lack of circulation. At 6 weeks old, Button needed an amputation and your support helped make that possible.

Trixie had a mass growing on her chest that, over time, became overwhelming. Her concerned family and friends engaged with a wonderful vet, Towne Animal Clinic, to get her the surgery she desperately needed. A Fighting Chance Foundation is thrilled to contribute to her surgery and new 'leash' on life.

A HUGE thank you to Towne and their extraordinary team, as well as the tremendous support provided by many donors. You are wonderful, generous people!


Rocket had a urinary tract blockage and needed immediate surgery to remove it. AFCF was happy to provide a grant to help save Rocket's life. 

Sassy had a mysterious injury that prevented her from walking. Her family took her into the vet, with support from AFCF and was able to start the process of diagnosing the issue and finding a cure for Sassy.

Sassy C.jpg
Harley W.jpg

Harley had a mast cell tumor that was threatening her health. AFCF provided support towards surgical removal, giving Harley and her family peace of mind.

At 4 lbs, little Chloe was fighting for her life as she was diagnosed with pyometra, a severe uterine infection. Chloe's health took an abrupt downward turn over the weekend and she was barely able to function. Chloe means the world to her family who wanted only to save her life. With the foundation's help, Chloe had her surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

Chloe H.jpg

Baby Bubba had a large perineal hernia causing him discomfort and pain. With our support, Baby Bubba received treatment and his family was thrilled. Thank you to all of our donors who make a difference!

Loko had a cancerous tumor growing on his paw making walking difficult and threatening his health. AFCF contributed to making his surgery and renewed health!

Bentley (2).jpeg

Bentley is a puppy who loves to play with his toys! When he swallowed part of a rope toy, he needed emergency surgery to remove the obstruction. His mom came to us for help and we were able to contribute to the surgery. Kudos to Bentley's mom for acting quickly!

Molly was hit by a car and needed immediate attention. She lost a leg but kept her life and her family is grateful for that!

Molly M1.jpg
Chubbie Love.png

You don't get sweeter than little Chubbie Love. Suffering from kidney stones and IVDD, she needed medical attention. Chubbie Love's family asked AFCF for support and we were happy to help!

Gia had a broken leg and needed surgery which required pins to properly heal. With your help, Gia is on the mend to being a happy pup again!

Zoey K.jpg

Zoey's dental situation was bleak. She needed immediate help to be able to eat properly and live a healthy life.

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