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Applicant Eligibility Requirements:
1.     The applicant must be a Virginia resident;
2.     The applicant must seek assistance for an animal in urgent need of medical care;
3.     A licensed veterinarian (DVM) must provide a diagnosis of life-threatening illness or critical injury, recommended treatment plan, and positive survival prognosis to qualify (contact us if you do not yet have an estimate or diagnosis);
4.     The applicant’s household income should not greatly exceed current Virginia WIC eligibility guidelines;
5.     The applicant must submit a complete application, located here, proof of income (forms accepted are recent paycheck stub, unemployment benefits, or disability benefits); and
6.     A copy of the written cost estimate for requested assistance from the veterinarian, including name, email address and mailing address of veterinarian.


Guidelines and Criteria:

1.    The applicant agrees to send the Foundation photos of the animal, as well as health updates; and

2.    Every request for funding will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A Fighting Chance Foundation reserves the right to grant or deny funding for any application without further explanation.

Once a submission is received, the Foundation’s Board will assess if a grant will be provided. The applicant will receive notice of the decision as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours of submission of all required documentation.  If approved, the authorized grant will be paid directly to the veterinarian overseeing the medical care of the ill pet.

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