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Preparing for Pet Emergencies

Spring has arrived with a cold spell; leaving me to wonder whether this year was to remain a lion. However, our dog loved to be outdoor running in favorite spots.

As I watched him frolic my mind drifted to the heat which was surely on the heels and the playful hours spent outside. I heard the buzzing of the bees; the singing of the lawn mower and spied the stick poking carelessly through the mud; each of these a possible threat to the health and well-being of our domestic friends; preparing for pet emergencies is, with modifications, just as easy as preparing for human urgencies.

Knowing what to do when the need arises will make a difference between disability, chronic pain, or death. Being able to work quickly and confidently is the goal and this goal is easily obtainable by taking the American Red Cross online basic first aid course.

This $25, thirty-five-minute class will lead you through dog and cat basic first aid touching on such topics as: checking and monitoring vital signs, respiratory and cardiac emergencies. This course includes seizure, wound/bleeding response and a look at preventative maintenance.

*Also included are Red Cross Digital certification: access anywhere, anytime.

* Desktop and tablet compatibility providing flexibility to access, when and where you want to take the course. Log in anytime to review course material.

 *The content developed by the American Red Cross team of scientific and medical experts.

Our canine and feline friends hold a position in our family, many mirroring that of our children. When these children become sick or injured, knowing how to respond in a confident and expert manner can alter the outcome.

 -- Neal McLaughlin

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